Monday, January 16, 2017

Mr. X and Isa d Orable and Jumo @ Swank...

I told Mr. X that I was feeling positively royal today... so off we went to search for elegant ball gowns... my first and last stop was @ Swank, such a great choice of clothing and accessories and even furniture are great prices. I fell in love with four gowns there by Isa D Orable Creations.

The first is a classic ball gown empire waist A-line gown with its wide ball skirt and slim waist accented by a satin belt and sweetheart neckline is called Dutchess.  The texture is a fabulous heavy white satin with a lavish black beads that shimmer making this gown an instant classic. It comes made for fit mesh bodies as well as for belleza, slink and Maitreya (worn). making it easy to wear regardless if you have a classic or mesh body. It also comes with a diamond necklace,earrings and a crown! You will feel like a Duchesse indeed!
My next find by Isa D Orable is a gorgeous formal gown replete with crown, earrings and necklace called Comtesse. What could be more opulent than blue and gold... this gown reminds me of the color of Mr. X's eyes... a deep royal blue... as noble as the gold flowers that embellish this gorgeous gown. Comtesse's texture glimmers in the light in SL... just enough to cause a stir -- you won't be missed in this elegant creation that is made for fit mesh classic bodies as well as for slink, belleza and maitreya.

For something a bit sleeker, Isa D Orable is offering Celeste in Red and in Blue.  This mermaid style gown with its billowing flexi prim sides is an elegant option for a formal night out. It also has netting and cutouts at the midriff and hips that make this a contemporary knockout with loads of sex appeal! Another standout feature of this gown is the  beaded bodice and flower like hat.

Since I was feeling royal, I also picked up Jumo's exclusive at Swank... Else Hair and Matching star shaped jewelry and a matching crown... it is beautifully made and will go with so many things. I am especially fond of the earrings. The hair is parted on the side, shoulder length and comes in a number of colors including a fatpack of the best of. I am in love with the blonde and the blonde roots pack, but I always manage to pick up all colors because you never know what color hair you will need to go with your skin and make up and attire!

The final gown by Isa D Orable is called Diamantine... this sleek sexy gown with a deep slit all the way up the left leg sparkles and comes with a color changing hud featuring four colors: pink and silver, gold and orange, blue and silver and black and silver.  There are two lovely floral attachments that make this gown a knockout!

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Isa D Orable - Exclusives @ Swank - Dutchess and Contessa, Celeste Red and Diamantine

Hair - Jumo - Else Hair with Celeste Red -
Jewelry - Jumo - Else Earrings and Crown with Celeste Red


Hair - Jumo - Jasmine - Ombre Roots with Diamantine

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Time to Samba Mr. X @ Marvelous Events with Posh Pixels and Jumo Hair

I told Mr. X that this jumpsuit with its cascading ruffles and shell belt buckle by Posh Pixels in a beautiful royal blue brocade texture makes me want to Samba!  Appropriately, it is called Samba is an exclusive at this month's Marvelous Events that runs through January 31. On a cold winter day, this hot latin dance warms me right up! The hair is new by Jumo and called Jolie this is the dark brown hud with roots... it  is gorgeous!

Perhaps one of the most popular music and dance styles ever to emerge from Brazil, samba evolved in Rio de Janeiro by the early 20th century and grew to become the quintessential music and dance form associated with Rio's carnaval. With its rich and syncopated rhythm and it's often voluptuous dance moves, samba has circled the globe as one of the most infectious and popular styles from the South American continent.
The word "samba" is thought to be derived from the Kimbundu (Angolan) term semba, which referred to an "invitation to dance" as well as a common appellation for the dance parties held by slaves and former slaves in the rural areas of Rio. These dances involved gyrating hip movements (called umbigada) and had roots going back to the colonial period in the Congolese and Angolan circle dances.
Over time samba gained important influences not only from Brazilian predecessors such as the maxixe and the marcha, but the Cuban habanera and German polka as well. As a song form, samba was extremely popular during the turn of the century, with some of the early recordings dating back to 1911. Among the early pioneers of the song form was Alfredo da Rocha Vianna Jr., known as Pixinguinha, who helped to crystallize the form as well as develop a richer harmony. From the 1920s and into the height of the radio era of the '30s, sambas were slower and more romantic (such as those of Ismael Silva), leading to the subgenre known as samba-canção, which emphasized the melody over the rhythm, and lyrics that were more sentimental and often moody. Brazilian crooners and composers put samba on the international radar, and icons such as Carmen Miranda embraced the form, becoming a star in Brazil long before her move to the U.S. and Hollywood as a personification of Brazil's exuberant side.
Another important development in the legacy of samba took place in the late 1950s which would spark the second international wave of popularity for Brazilian music: the development of bossa nova. Considered an adaptation of the previous samba- canção form, bossa nova emphasized the melodic and vocal aspects of samba in a slower, more romantic style fused with the richness of American jazz harmony. The result was a sound many music critics first panned for its "out-of-tune" qualities, but its popularity soared as pioneers such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto brought bossa nova to new heights. Films such as Black Orpheus(with a musical score of sambas and bossa novas composed by Jobim) wowed international audiences with the sounds of authentic Brazilian music.

Posh Pixels - Samba exclusive @ Marvelous Events
Hair - Jumo - Jolie

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mr. X & Art Deco - Byrne, Yeux and Jumo @ Swank

The Art Deco period was a time of great upheaval... think flappers and the jitterbug... long nights of champagne, caviar and the beguiling sound of jazz... think... slinky tubular clothing silhouettes...a time when people thought everything and anything was possible...
Think...the new long sleeved duo-tone leather bodycon minidress with plunging v-neck in pinstripe geometric design by Byrne that is an exclusive at  Swank. There are two dresses and each one has their own beauty...and comes in black with white and white with black options in each version.

The two dresses, Ren and Arrow both come with lavish art deco patterns that are totally eye catching.  They are made for Fitmesh, SLink, Maitreya and Belleza and come in two options: black/white and white/back. The difference is the pattern... both are classically Art Deco.
These perfectly textured dresses have an art deco geometric vibe with modern sexy styling. It marries the best of old and modern. The texture is beautiful as it combines simple angular shapes in a bold pattern giving it depth and beauty.  The overall effect creates a fabulous fashion statement.

Mr. X -- I am ready to go out on the town... in this dress I can dance up a storm..let's get going... I want to do the Charleston with complete abandon... work up a sweat.... and........ well, you get the idea... don't you?

Another find @Swank at the eyes by Yeux.  The eyes called Rosario are mesh and regular eyes... I am wearing the eyes in Honey... so pretty and soft... love the color. I am also wearing the earrings by Jumo that are part of her exclusive @ Swank called Elsa

 Dress - Byrne- Ren and Arrow
Eyes - Yeux - Rosario - Honey
Earrings - Elsa Jewelry -Jumo
Poses - Royal Secrets

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Calling all Designers and Bloggers new Hunt Love is in the Air

The Love is in the Air Hunt is taking place at from Feb.. 1- March 1, 2017. This is a $0 hunt and gifts are exclusive to the hunt. Hunters can only collect your gifts if they belong to the Group AND Wear the Moolto Glasses!   To be able to hunt you must also be a member of the inworld group (secondlife:///app/group/2886a109-3971-1962-b6ef-65caeddbae83/about).

If you would like to have your store or blog be a part of the "Love is in the Air" Hunt or would like more information, please fill out this short Google form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!   Designer Application:  Blogger Application:  Questions can be directed to Apollo770 Resident or VampirePam resident, CEO. The deadline is January 15.

Mr. X and Suzie - New @ Swank Emerald Couture and Jumo

Mr. X it is winter... and so very cold... and all I can think about is an al fresco winter picnic... but first I need to find the perfect location and the perfect outfit... well the outfit is not hard to find at all... I just popped into swank and found the most gorgeous outfit by Emerald Couture called Suzie Sweater Set

I love the long sweater coat  jacket in a rich berry color and the two pocket sleek pants with an antique brass shank button and zipper fly. They show off my long legs perfectly. This also comes with cute boots that are for slink and non rigged feet; the non rigged allows you to wear the boots with Maitreya, Belleza, Eve and whatever else mesh feet you have :).

The cute blouse comes for maitreya lara and uses the appliers, omega system for maitreya worked like a dream. The tone of this blouse with its cute lace up accent blends perfectly with the sweater and slacks. Suzie is made for mesh and original bodies and comes in this berry color and in teal.

The hair, and anyone that knows me knows I love- love- love- hair and this is new hair by Jumo called Kardashian -- it is just gorgeous!  I know if the Kardashians were in SL (god, help us!)  they would love this hair too!  The hair is Jumo's newest line, and is the result of a collaboration of Jumo and Nice Wildrose.  This line of hair is really amazing and offers so many great hud alternatives -- you can purchase this hair straight - meaning without roots or with roots... I am wearing blonde with roots. Each hud comes with 8 fabulous colors to choose from.  I can never choose... so I recommend.. just get the fatpack - you will be glad you did! I am also wearing earrings by Jumo that are available at Swank called Elsa Jewelry and they are shaped like stars.

Outfit and shoes - Emerald Couture - Suzie Sweater outfit
Poses - Royal Secrets Set of Poses
Earrings - Jumo Elsa Hair and Jewelry

Hair - Jumo - Kardashian Hair - blood with roots

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Styles By Danielle -*Final* Gown MVW and Tribute Schedule

Dani Plassitz is a singer and well known fashion designer in Second Life.  Managed by Sweet Sins - C.Y.D. Records Management run by Sassy (Sweetjc.Resident) and Syl.Darcy.  Dani was also a very good friend of mine, someone I trusted and respected; a friend that I was proud to blog for.  Dani had a keen eye for elegant fashion and thoughtful eye for colors, textures and details.
I helped Dani write the note card for this elegant gown I am wearing that was worn by a 2017 MVW Contestant that not surprisingly came in second in this gorgeous gown. I love the delicate gold lace butterfly sleeves complimented by the lace at the hip and floral details of the rich brocaded mermaid styled gown that gently flairs out in a soft green and gold. The hint of lavender at the hemline of the gown is so beautiful and ties the entire gown together.

That late night on December 11 was the last time I spoke to was a good conversation... work on note card, some gossip and of course, as usual, we ended up talking about cookies and baking... as Dani was also an excellent cook in RL.  Dani Plassitz passed away suddenly on 13 Dec 2017 when she collapsed in her RL husband arms after returning from the hospital. Dani was complaining that she wasn't feeling well on the Monday so her husband took her to the Hospital on the Tuesday, December 13th.  When she returned from the hospital she collapsed -- her sudden death was because of her very low hemoglobin iron count. It was unexpected and tragic, she was only 45.
Dani Plassitz  has a  soft sweet voice and oh my...can she hit those high notes with precision. She has a Amy Grant or Carole King with a little Faith Hill mixed in her music style.  Her sets are always a pleasure to attend, her sets are an Dani sings an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary songs from Doris Day to Evanescence. Tunes like Constant Craving, Crush, I will go down with this ship, Blondie’s Call Me and Sunshine Raggae by Laid Back to name a few were often performed.  Dani was dubbed the Kate Bush of SL after she sang "Wuthering Heights"  the classic by Kate Bush.

There are two events happening in SL to commemorate and celebrate the wonderful person and creative spirit of Dani Plassitz.  The first is on Sunday, January 8 at 11 a.m. SL time with a Models Give Back Fashion Show.  All models taking part in this walk will be in remembrance of Dani's Fashion genius... Styles by Danielle.  The LM is

On Monday, January 9, the music world of SL will commemorate Dani with an ongoing series of concerts beginning at 11 a.m. SL time and concluding at 4 p.m. SL time.  There will be nine entertainers/singers that have dedicated 30 minutes each in tribute to  Dani Plassitz's  singing career on SL.  The LM for this event is  at Dani's Shop and is

The Line- up for this event is as follows:
1) Jeffah24.Resident slt 11am
2) Katia Portugal slt 1130 am
3) Too Realsom slt 12 noon
4) TL TrickyLicks slt 12:30
5) Minsy slt 1 pm
6) Mill Tycoon aka Steven Geller slt 1:30pm
7) Terry Laidbacklive aka Terry Crombie slt 2 pm
Automatic Quandry aka Robert Keller slt 2:30pm
9) Isabella Rumsford aka Andreea Onica Keller (finale) slt 3 pm

Please do join us and keep Dani's magic alive

Music Links for Dani Plassitz -- I believe she now sings with the angels...


Mr. X in the Teagarden... irriSIStible @ Swank

I await Mr, X in the garden... wearing a lovely new gown called Japan Sakura Soul by irriSIStible that is an exclusive at Swank.  This gorgeous Japanese styled gown is a lovely floral print and is made for mesh and classic bodies. I am wearing it with my Maitreya body and it fits perfectly. It also comes loaded with accessories!

Sakura comes with an elaborate floral head piece and two matching chest pieces that are just stunning. This kimono that literally translates as "things to wear" and there is even an elaborate black and gold obi or sash at the waistline. There is even a lovely umbrella to protect your fair skin from the sun. I love the use of textures and colors in this outfit with the cherry blossom pattern on the umbrella mirroring the flowers on the kimono as well as the flowers in my hair.

So Mr. X shall we wander amid the cherry blossom paths to the ancient grove of bamboo...let us stroll hand in hand through the elegant rock garden at Ryoanji as we make our way to the temple of the golden pavilion to have tea as we watch the sunrise.

Wearing - Japan Sakura Soul by irriSIStible

Swank LM

Hair - Tukinowaguma Bigyoku

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mr. X and “Prachtig.” Broquate by Sascha's Designs

1:53 a.m.   Amsterdam.  I am  for a Het Hok, a “brown” café (the browns are filled with smoke and mismatched chairs; the whites for being seen). Mr. X promised to play a game of chess with me. It is not easy navigating the alleyways of Amsterdam at night...especially when every eye is on me in this new outfit called Broquate by Sascha's Designs.

This outfit comes with a color changing hud for the jacket as well as with an omega appliers system for the sleek black pants and corset styled bodice for mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara.  Broquate can also be worn by classic bodies so you get the best of both worlds so to speak. The jacket comes in 5 various shades that render into a modern abstract pattern.

I move move my rook, as Mr. X's eyes stare into mine, challenging me.I feel up to the challenge in this new outfit by Sascha's Designs... “Checkmate,” I whisper in my best New Yawk accent! “Prachtig,” says the man behind me.

I wipe the court with a Master, swallow my beer, tuck my long hair into my jacket, and at 2 a.m. elegantly pedal off into the night.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final Day of POE Hunt

December 31 is the final day of the Peace on Earth Hunt where everything is free... it is one of the best hunts on the grid.  I have a few more of my favorite finds in this blog... and my advice is to go find them.  Check out this gorgeous red turtleneck and fancy long skirt with its laces up the front and it's lovely floral pattern in black lace by Styles By Danielle. The creator of this outfit passed away suddenly in December and was a dear friend of mine. A memorial fashion show is being planned as well as a series of memorial performances January 9 because Danni was not only a terrific designer but also a wonderful SL performer that sang like an angel.  The hint for this is Look for Love and Bow and the LM is

Another great find is a royal blue silk cocktail dress embellished with a gorgeous beaded heart on the bodice by {{Masoon}}.  The hint for this is Sexy knows no Season but Winter is best!  The LM is

Don't miss the lovely gown by Ghee... known for their clothes that range from formal and sophisticated to casually chic.  I love this petal ombre pink satin gown with its wide satin waistband that shows off my figure perfectly.  This is elegant... as all of Ghee's apparel... and free!  Their new shop has tons of eye candy!  The hint for this is Wherever I lay my hat it is home.  The LM is

Another really generous find @ Poe is by Cream Spaghetti Hair... it is flirty neon sweater mini dress with a scalloped hemline.  It comes with a color changing hud.  This fat is made for all mesh as well as classic bodies. It is so cute!  The hint is... I am in the back of the house and the  LM is

My final pic for 2016 Poe is by Sascha's Designs... always elegant, always varied and it is always easy to find something special!  It is a gorgeous gown with a feather bolero and hat.  The hint is find me at the wheelhub and the LM is

Friday, December 30, 2016

Mr. X and the Lady Broch Tuarach --- Silvan Moon Designs & White Armoury

"I am enchanted beyond measure by your arrival.  I thought,  Mr. X  -- I did not expect to arrive in such weather and the lack  of hot water...... My dear, sweet lady-  you look as fresh as rain and the mist of the moors.... must I really say Broch Tuarach, or won't it do if I only say Lady Tuarach?" 

I could not believe his words to me....I remember when Mr. X said these words to me.... and I dream of Mr. X and the lavender ladened moors of Scotland... especially when wearing the new gown called Lady Broch  Tuarach Gown by !!SMD!!

Named for an old broch on the land, Broch Tuarach means "north-facing tower" in Gaelic. I love the look of this gown with its lovely tartan in heather, brook or hunter... each one has its own beauty... and comes with a matching sweater  legs and tops that are compatible with all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara. This gown is also compatible with  regular mesh bodies and classic.

Broch Tuarach also comes with a lovely floral embroidered bodice that is like a  gorgeous medieval  tapestry.  It also has  a handy pouch... that adds to the look of this gown... it is a wee bit fetching... Mr. X told me that he was enchanted by me in this gown beyond measure...and said, yes, indeed, you are my  lady with the hint of a question... 

I remember as i gaze out amid the  moors the night Mr. X said to me, when I talk to you it is as if I was talking to my soul....  there is no question here... I am his Lady.....

 Wearing Gown  Silvan Moon Designs
 Lady Broch Tuarach  in heather and Brook

Loch Ness Inn

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finds @ POE on till 12/31

POE or Peace on Earth is a unique hunt in SL... it offers really quality items for FREE -- 139 to be exact.  I have gone on the hunt... and this blog represents some of my favorites... mostly from  designers I don't know... and of course, some that I do... Check out this gorgeous gown by Glitterati by Sapphire #49!  I love the embellished floral  hemline on this gown and the fetching hat with the same floral pattern... both placed on an opulent background of white silk.   LM  Hint - Simone loves her brick and gold jumpsuit.

Another find is a gown  by  Mystic Dragons  called  Noel.   This  gown is sleek and sexy silk gown in deep burgundy with gold that  streaks down this  gown like  fireworks.... what could be better?  Hint A fountain replaces Atlas. 

Another find s the gorgeous snowflake white blue snowflake glittering gown by Angel Fae Boutique called Virgin Snow Mermaid Gown.  It  flows in the snow and is lovely and comes with  a gown, earrings, necklace and crown... fit for a queen... # 97 -- Hint - Under the  Tree  -

One more is  Ever an' Angel  Skate Outfit... how cute is this... with a    jeweled scarf,  leather belt and  flowing mini skirt....  I am in love with this.... the hint is--- I’ve got the whole world in my hooves and the LM is

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mr. X - Love me Tender... Prism & Luxe Paris @ Swank

Imagine a pre- New Years Eve Party at Graceland -- you know the home now museum of Elvis... what on earth would you wear.... I found two perfect cocktail dresses at Swank that fit the bill!  And, btw, I didn't realize Graceland (all decked out for Christmas) replete with an Elvis Tour was in SL... it is a fun place to visit for you Elvis fans!
The first dress is by Prism called Celebration Holiday Dress and Necklace by Journey and is made for mesh bodies.  I love the silver bra top and the cut of this cute sheath mini; it comes with a festive four fabric color changing hud in red, green, blue and black.  My favorite fabric of this holiday dress is the tasteful black fabric with silver ornaments --  to me this combo adds a touch of sophistication to the look.  Best of all, I love the silver scarf that is worn around the neck... it adds a bit of sparkle  and pulls the entire look together.  You are sure to get glances of admiration wherever you go.

Another find is the holiday dress by Luxe Paris called Halle -- it is simply elegant.  I love the way the bubble skirt drapes gracefully in the richest emerald green that is perfect for the season.  Halle is made for all mesh bodies from slink to belleza to the Lara, which I am wearing... Halle looks great from every angle.

I love this festive frock with its beautiful beaded bodice in green and silver holly leaves... I especially like the big bow that really makes this dress come alive.  The detail in the bow is amazing -- it is studded with beautiful clusters of sparkling diamonds... a girl's best friend!

I am wearing two more finds from Swank, the hair is by Letituier and is called Amy -- I loved the pulled back poofy retro ponytail look with Halle they match perfectly. Amy comes in a number of handy color changing huds, I am wearing Light Brown.  To add a bit more sparkle... I mean, this is the time of year for that, I am wearing the new Silver and Pearl necklace and earrings by Heartsdale Jewelry called Mangalsutra.  I love the gradation of the pearls and the simple disk at my throat.

Wearing - Swank Exclusives -

Dress #1 - Prism called Celebration Holiday Dress and Necklace

Dress # 2 - Luxe Paris - Halle

Hair - Letituier  - Amy

Jewelry - Heartsdale Jewelry - Mangalsutra