Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mr. X and Tiffany -Tres Beau @ RFL & Entertainment

This gown, called Tiffany by Tres Beau  makes me feel like Cinderella at the grand ball... it is that beautiful and is part of the Christmas Expo, RFL that runs through December 12.  Tiffany is an exclusive gown at this year's Christmas Expo  that raises funds for the American Cancer Society -- so when buying it you can feel good about wearing it in more ways than one!
I love the runched empire waistline bodice of this gown in a duponi silk pattern that is grey and raspberry at the same time... depending on how the light hits it. The luxurious chiffon ball skirt in dawn gray swirls and sways as you walk... every eye will be watching you... I know Mr. X cannot take his eyes off me! This gown is for classic bodies.

Tiffany also comes with a beautiful jeweled diamond brooch that that you attach to the bodice of this gown adding the  perfect amount of sparkle.  Matching diamond earrings are also part of this attractive ensemble.

  Wearing -  Tres Beau for RFL - Tiffany Gown
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winter cafe
Ice Skating Page
Musical Extravaganza Stage

There are many fun events happening at Christmas Expo that include:

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
  • 10am to 12pm slt – Savannah Coronet   Christmas Tree Lot
  • 12pm to 2pm slt –  DJ AngelBonita   Christmas Tree Lot
  • 2pm to 4pm slt –  DJ Joe Dude   Winter Cafe & Club
  • 4pm to 7pm slt –  Trans Siberian Orchestra    Location TBA
  • 7pm to 9pm slt – Saturday Night Dance Party -Anni Braveheart  Christmas Tree Lot

  • Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mr. X and Noel & Eon - *Two* New Exclusives from [Aleutia]

 [Aleutia] has designed a festive new frock, appropriately called Noel for The Liaison Collaborative that takes place from December 7 -30.  This flirty dress comes in a myriad of color combinations and even includes a fatpack that is "rare" and gives you the ability to mix and match the colors on the sides, lining and belt of this flirty dress that is perfect for the season.

"Noel" is a colorful, vintage-inspired dress that showcases the abstract beauty of contrasting seasonal colors. It features a sleeveless bodice; a gored a-line skirt, and a silhouette with color-band and cutout detailing enhanced by colorful hues and sheer options. The bold color bands evoke the mood of a cutting-edge era of design and style.  There are 15 common colors to choose from that range from blue to red, orange, brown and black to plum, pink and many other colors.

The uncommon Noel comes in a striking choice of frost, holly or ivy with contrasting colors on the gored a-line skirt. 100% Original Mesh. Exclusive Maitreya Fit.

Wearing  [Aleutia] Noel Event SLurl:

Another Dress being offered by [Aleutia] is at the Frozen Fair that runs through December 16. The eye-catching "Eon" dress is the perfect choice for showing off your taste and style in the winter season. This body-conscious dress is a nod to the clean lines of the mod sixties combined with the couture touches of a new generation such as fine piped trim detailing, edgy cutouts, and a fresh contemporary color palette.

The included HUD features options for trim and dress panel colors. Available in 15 fabulous shades and a HUD-driven fatpack.   A perfect fit for the Maitreya form. 100% Original Mesh. Full Fatpack: 2500L @ 40% off for the Frozen Fair Event.

Eon - exclusive @ Frozen Fair
Event SLurl:

Store SLurl:

Location Urbana Lounge

Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa's Favorite Elf @ RFL & BOSL Cover Auction

I asked Mr. X what Santa's elves do... he told me that they have a list of mind boggling chores... they make toys, care for the reindeer, wrap presents, help in the kitchen and make sure the North Pole is clean and tidy and one of the most beautiful places on earth to live! And the Auctions @ RFL... who doesn't want to be on the cover of BOSL (Best of Second Life)  Magazine... now you  can be... just head to the auction... and bid

Just like RFL there are elves that build create and others that design.  Then there are those that entertain and organize all the wonderful events and auctions... there are also accounts and publicity elves, even bloggers and photographers... all working together for a great cause.  Relay for Life Christmas Expo is on through December 12 and too much fun too miss... check out my new Relay for Life 2016 Elf Outfit by Fayline Fashions.

It comes with an Omega system for those of you with mesh bodies and also can be worn by classic avatars... it is an exclusive at the Expo and comes loaded with boots, tights, shorts, a hat and even a colorful candy cane brooch and a colorful and fun  ornament  necklace.... yay !

This year there are  two fantastic Entertainment areas at the 2016 SL Christmas Expo – The Winter Cafe & Club, where live musicians and DJ’s will keep you singing along and dancing, and  The Musical Extravaganza Stage where they have dance troupes and tribute bands lined up to perform. They even have performances at the Christmas Tree Lot, the Snowman Area, and of course the Ice Skating Rink. The Expo is filled with wonderful music this holiday season...don't miss the fun!

Wearing :  The Relay for Life 2016 Elf Outfit by  Fayline Fashions
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Winter Cafe and Club
Ice Skating Page
Musical Extravaganza Stage

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Mr. X and Celeste * New* Jumo @ Swank

I want to have an elegant evening at home tonight with Mr. X... and what better way to do that than to dress in the opulent new holiday gown by Jumo called Celeste that is an exclusive at the December Swank. This gown is made for regular bodies and comes with a handy alpha layer in five sizes. I am wearing it with my Lara body minus a few alpha layers.

Celeste is made of a fine chiffon full ball skirt that with a gorgeous hand sewn bead work that flows down the front of the skirt in a festive manner.  The bodice is made of the finest of  black velvet and comes with a plunging square neckline that is set off by a lovely belt with a gold belt buckle.

To add to the festive feel and the highlight  of this gown there is a jeweled feather attachment  in the shape of a bird at the shoulder and at the hip adding to the sparkle!  Mr. X likes sparkle this time of year... including sparkling champagne and caviar!

I love the decadent drop earrings that also come with this dress... depending on the color dress you choose... or all four... the earrings are ruby, sapphire, emeralds, amethyst or onyx.  The choice is yours and whatever you choose be sure that you will look dazzling!

Swank LM -

*New* Jumo - Celesete Exclusively @ Swank

Eyes - DS Eyes -Bountiful Moor @ Swank

Hair - Tukinowaguma -Shinobun II

Sunday, December 4, 2016

RFL Christmas Expo is on... and all is Glitter and Call to All Bloggers

I told Mr. X that the new gown at Christmas Expo by Glitter called  Helena is a must have... it is graceful as the morning  breeze after and reminds me of a beautiful sunrise with it pebbled pink and blue tones... it is elegant... it glimmers and glitters (no pun intended of course)  and best of all... 100% goes to RFL. It is made for classic and mesh bodies.

Helena has a lovely sweetheart neckline and a classic empire waistline that is embellished by a lovely silk sash and a full ball skirt floats dreamily to the ground.  What makes this gown especially delightful is the lovely cape that is attached to this gown... making this a  perfect look for a formal affair... Mr. X likes that.

Glitter also has made a set of ten poses  called Fierce and they are indeed with the best part being 100%  of the proceeds is going to RFL.  So I have an idea, if you are a blogger or photographer or want to start a blog, this is a good time to do it... why not pick up an item at Christmas Expo and enter the "bloggers challenge" !  It goes like this:

Wander the grounds of the SL Holiday Expo and discover a shop you have never heard of before.  Blog about something of theirs that gives you the warm and fuzzies, that captivates and delights you, that you found unique. Find that special holiday gift suggestion.  This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the new or hidden talents in Second Life. Maybe you come across two or three new shops, there is no limit to the number you can blog about. If you find you already know all the shops at the SL Holiday Expo, then choose one that you feel needs more spotlighting.  Remember, this challenge is open to anyone. You do not have to be an official SL Holiday Expo blogger. You do not even have to blog at all.  Please post to  your flickr and the Christmas Expo's Flikr.

Wearing - RFL Christmas Expo Exclusives
Direct TP
Gown - Glitter - Helena
Poses - Glitter - Fierce
The items are located here at Expo:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mr. X and Winters Eve Guardian Fae *new* BDP Designs @ Fantasy Creme

I told Mr. X that I found a new designer at Fantasy Creme Fair -- Beyond Persuasion Designs (BDP) that is the newest venture of Dragon and Elizabet Skyward. Originally furniture designers for more than two years they have turned their attention to designing clothes for men, women and even petites.  BPD will features the clothing and shoes that reflect Dragon and Elizabet's many sides and reflect their unique taste and custom designs and textures.

Winters Eve Guardian Fae comes in a rich burgundy velvet skirt with an interesting diamond shape pattern pannier at the waistline that is embellished by fine silver hand sewn beadwork adding dimension and elegance to this to this gown that is certainly fit for a princess.  The pannier at the waistline creates the illusion of a bigger hip shape and this style goes back to medieval times.

The full floor length skirt of this gown has white silk accents that glimmer like sunlight on the winter snow and hang from the edges of the diamond pattern pannier.  The sleeves are fur lined in keeping with the medieval style where many clothes were lined with fur. The entire look is complemented by beautiful gossamer wings with an exquisite feather pattern that is delicately enchanting.

The final piece of Winters Eve Guardian Fae is the wonderful Fae horns... beautifully created and come replete with roses and finely wrought chains..... Who wouldn't fall head over heels for the magical outfit that is an exclusive at Fantasy Creme called....Winters Eve Guardian Fae that is made for classic avatars and slink mesh bodies. I wore it with my Maitreya Lara body and after taking off an alpha layer here and there it looked just fine.

So, Mr. X, do you dare to enter the realm of fae's and magic... will you walk with me on an enchanted path... past unicorns and my fellow fairies... mmmmmm I wait..... for your answer.... patiently...... and dream of dancing with you like a beguiling winter prance...amid joyous songs of love and light...

Exclusive @ Fantasy Creme - LM
Gown - Beyond Persuasion Designs (BDP)
BDP Main Store LM

Eyes - Dulce Secrets - Dappled Amber Eyes

Hair - Tableau Vivant Glen II

Mr. X and Deck the Halls New Sage @ Swank

Tis the season as they say and the exclusives at Swank are rolling in! Yay!  And what wonderful winter finds they are like this adorable sweater dress replete with jacket vest by Sage. I am wearing #4 with its cute Christmas Tree and Santa pattern. This version of the dress comes with one pattern and the option to change the pattern of the  dress and or vest. The hud also has about 20 different colors to choose from, you can make the dress and vest a solid or the pattern and change the trim inside and out on this cute dress.

 I have had so much fun with this outfit that is made for all mesh bodies... I am wearing my new Lara body and loving it. Deck the Halls #10 is a great nordic style pattern and comes with four pattern choices and many solid colors.  The hud lets you change the color of the dress and vest -- it can be a pattern or a solid color.  You can also change the inside trim on the vest as well as the outside trim giving you endless possibilities.

Having a sweet tooth and a thing for gingerbread, it was hard to resist Deck the Halls #7 that features gingerbread men. I really loved the muted colors of this option that comes with all the color changing features mentioned above.
So Mr. X, I am by the fire... the hot chocolate is ready, the snow is gently falling... and there is a chair here waiting for you!

Exclusives at Swank by Sage - Deck the Halls #10,7, 4

Hair - Emo-tions Leni

Leg Warmers - Winter Love - Zed Sensations

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Expo RFL - Frost by Tiffany Designs

Every once in awhile a gown is made that will become a favorite -- because it is perfect for any occasion from a royal ball to a courtly dance... and I have found this gown at the Christmas Expo RFL that runs through December 12.  This gown is simply called Frost is by Tiffany Designs and is an absolute stunner. Frost can be found in the Holiday Exchange area.

Frost is sleek and sexy all at the same time! The skirt is elegantly textured in layers of glimmering crystals that is magical.  The white  cord band at the waist defines this gown and gives it dimension and allure.

What makes this gown really a stand out is the gorgeous jeweled wings done in an elaborate Greek Key pattern that reminds me of ice wings... they are elegant and not overdone... they are perfect making Frost a must have gown for the winter season. Frost also comes with a lovely diamond necklace that adds another layer of elegance to the look.

This gown is far from boring and traditional with its' deep sweetheart cut neckline and alluring winter wings... the skin tight belted bodice and a flowing straight skirt that  falls to the floor.. it will surely catch every eye on the grid.. When my beloved Mr. X saw me  in Frost, he said I melted his heart!

Gown - Christmas Expo Exclusive -  RFL - Frost by Tiffany Designs

The items are located here at Expo:

Hair - Emo-tions -Grecian blonde

Sim - Luanes Magical World

Thursday, December 1, 2016

RFL Christmas Expo Dec. 1-12

The RFL Christmas Expo officially opens today.  I will endeavor to bring you a series of tips and sneak peaks to make navigating this event fun and easy... If you like exclusives, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that a special area has been designed for items that are new, exclusive and a limited edition item that is ONLY sold at the Christmas Expo December 1-12. The merchants in this area are showcasing some of their very best work.

The Christmas Expo is featuring a very special exclusive gown called One of A King Gown created by Ever An Angel that is located in the Silent Auction Area of the Christmas Expo.  This gown in  festive green and red is fit for a princess!  The gown is based on Regency novel heroines and this is your chance to step into the fantasy of the novel for a good cause.  As a matter of fact, the first Regency was sold this past Autumn at the Inaugural Spoonful Of Sugar Festival to  Benefit Doctors Without  Borders and  brought in $25 thousand lindens.  That is a "wow" !

Important Links LM to event -

Website -

Facebook Page

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Cozy Winter Set Heart Homes PLUS LoS BoS & !IT! @ Marvelous

It is  a cozy time of year, I  have the tea on Mr. X and the couch from Aphrodite@ Heart Homes holds a surprise... and, Marvelous Events is on... with fabulous exclusives... I  feel like Christmas has come early!! Please come and  join me... let's be cozy... 

Aphrodite at Heart Homes has made "Merry Christmas Set"  it is really nice.  As a matter of fact  it is the perfect living room for a  smaller home -- it is romantic and all items are  copy.   The bed sofa is filled with tender comfy cuddles for two as well as activities, sleep options plus  single aos ---  and something even more..... Merry Christmas comes with  chairs, cuddly rug, fireplace, bed sofa, small  Christmas Tree, couch table, hot chocolate & cookies tray (YUM) and a  decorative bowl with candles.  

The Merry Christmas Set comes with something I have not seen in SL ever...  and I love it!! The  couch turns into a bed and  do I have to tell you how much Mr. X likes that ???   It is  really great... and so much fun --  it comes with so many activities --- movies,  breakfast,coffee, reading and more... it also has a full set of  cute cuddles and sleeping aos. At the moment I am wistfully having a breakfast tray... I do love  breakfast in bed... don't you Mr. X?

To be in the holiday  spirit, I am  wearing the Sweater Dress Called  Frankee by LA BoS; it is an  exclusive @ Marvelous Events.  I love the sexy off the shoulder look of this dress that is made for all mesh bodies including Lara that I am  wearing.  Best of all it comes with a color changing  hud that offers 10 colors  5 attractive  solids and 5 unique abstract patterns. Marvelous will run through  12/25 -- check it out... it has  great exclusives by top designers... at fab prices... plus lots of fun events and special gifts!

I also found a great necklace and earrings at Marvelous Events called Majestique (Set 160) BY !IT! I love the  18 kt gold filigree necklace  and the gorgeous cameo  Christmas Tree.  The earrings are composed of the same filigree and cameo making it simply elegant.

Wearing  -- 
Exclusives @ Marvelous Events
Dress - L.A. BoS - Frankee
 !IT!- Necklace and Earrings Majestique (Set 160)

Furniture - Aphrodite@ Heart Homes "Merry Christmas Set"

POE - !Lyrical B!zzare and *new* Christmas Tree Medieval Fantasy

Mr. X -- I am looking for the mistletoe... have you hidden it... yet again?  Perhaps we need to go on a hunt... and there is a traditional hunt in SL -- a classic -- it is called  Poe - Peace on Earth  and one of the few hunts in SL that is really rewarding to go on...  designers are so generous with their  gifts! This year Poe runs from December 1 December 31.

!Lyrical B!zzare has created the Jersey Dress that has a fascinating texture and a lavish  fur collar that is sure to keep you warm and fashionable this holiday season. Best of all it is free.... just look for the Glowing Globe that will be in each store.

A fabulous find this holiday season is  this  beautiful ten prim Christmas Tree by Medieval Fantasy... it is just gorgeous with snow draped on it's evergreen branches and it's lovely gold bells, christmas ornaments,  red bows trimmed in gold (of course!)  and  the glimmering star that crowns the top of this lovely tree. 

It is perfect outside -- but no worries, the snow doesn't melt so it is also perfect for a cozy living room or family room -- the snowy branches add to the festive feel.


!Lyrical B!zaare - for Poe - Jersey Dress and Fur Collar


Christmas Tree - Medieval Fantasy

Shoes and Leg Warmers - Zed Sensations - Winter Love

Hair  D!va

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mr. X and Winter Love Outfit - Zed Sensations

It is winter... the snow is falling... there is the smell of pine in the air... festive lights twinkle... I told Mr. X that there is something so cozy about  this time of year...and leave it to my dearest Sugarfairy CEO of Zed Sensations to design a new outfit called Winter Love's is sweet and sassy at the same time... a signature look for this talented designer -- Mr. X just loves her work and so do I.

Winter Love comes with a cozy knee length coat with a snazzy belt and a really cute fur lined hood that drapes down the back of this coat!  It has a color changing hud so you can easily mix and match the colors.  This outfit is compatible with all mesh bodies from  belleza to maitreyra (worn) to slink and many more.

The dress underneath the coat can be worn separately. It also comes with a color changing hud in complimentary colors.  I love the sexy zipper that is perfectly seductive with the dainty lace hemline... oh la la sugar and spice and everything nice! Winter Love also comes with sock warmers and shoes that have a color changing hud making it easy to coordinate this look.


Outfit -  Coat, dress, leg warmers,  shoes - Winter Love - Zed Sensations

Hair - eXxEss - Bylina

Mr. X and Brigitte - *new* Jumo

Quietly I drift into the Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research looking for all manner of curiosities... there is quite a collection here by the "Professor".  I am particularly fond of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet and this is an excellent example of her.  Bastet was worshipped as early as the 2nd Dynasty-- she was also the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt before the unification of the two lands.  To view this interesting collection I am wearing a new outfit by Jumo called Brigitte in Beaujolais.

Brigitte is feminine with it's gorgeous lace hem and lavishly embroidered bodice set off by a belt with a gold buckle that shows off my slim waistline. This dress is compatible with most mesh bodies.

The bell shaped sleeves of this dress give it interest and the wide brim hat with a lavish bow definitely gives Brigitte a  retro vibe.  I simply adore the necklace that comes with Brigitte.  The elegant mineral pendant  made of a rare multi colored agate hangs on a high quality Brazilian black wax cord complimented by a gold clasp.  The high glitter eye makeup and  royal lipstick is also by Jumo and is made for Letuka and Catwa and TMP mesh heads.


Outfit - Brigitte in Beaujolais
Eyemake-up - Hyper Glitter
Lipstick - Royalty Lips

Legwarmers and Shoes - Zed Sensations - Winter Love

Eyes - DS Bountiful Eyes Steel Blue

Hair - Amacci - Natia